Our Alumni

We take great pride in their accomplishment and the relationships that were built during their time with us.

We encourage all alumni to stop by the school any time to see what we’ve been up to. If you’re feeling adventurous, come volunteer in the classroom, join a field trip or Travel Study experience, host a special assembly, and of course we invite you to graduation in June to honor our newest alumni.


Alumni Network

Want to connect with Harbor School alums about their experiences at high school, college, or work?

Stay connected by joining the Harbor School Alumni group on Facebook.

Update Us

Where are you now? What have you been up to? Let us know what adventures you’ve taken or if you’re traveling the world! We’d love to hear your news.

Please contact us at office@harborschool.org.

We have special Alumni events during the school year—always a good time to renew old friendships and catch up on the latest. Volunteers needed!

To learn more, please email office@harborschool.org.


Each year, our community of families contribute countless hours to the health and well-being of our school. Through their support, the school benefits and everyone has a hand in creating a vibrant place for our students’ learning—plus, it’s a great way to get to know warm, interesting and caring people.

Community Support

Whether volunteering to teach a day of computer programming, serving on an auction committee, cooking at Camp Niwana, chaperoning a field trip, or helping us maintain our school gardens, our community of parents (and alumni, grandparents and more!) lend their support in a million different ways!

Our immense gratitude goes out to all they do to keep us well-supported and thriving.

Sign Me Up!

At the beginning of each school year, current parents are asked to sign-up for a variety of ongoing projects where the need is greatest.

Families are asked to donate a dozen volunteer hours throughout the school year (or a little more than an hour each month) to help us keep things running smoothly.

The opportunities are vast and even working parents and off-island commuters can choose flexible activities that fit their schedules.

Volunteer-Led Initiatives

The school gardens (one at Carpe Diem and one on our main campus), art docent program and playground improvement projects are examples of volunteer-led initiatives by members of our community who have shown an interest in helping the school.

Previous initiatives have included helping students to make blank books after school, making a garden bench and hanging lanterns to sell at the annual auction, and organizing guest speakers to talk to parents about timely early-adolescent topics.

Parent interest and enthusiasm bring a wealth of new ideas and projects to our school each year.

If you have an idea or would like to take on a special project, please email our administrative office at office@harborschool.org about setting your plans in motion.

Our staff will connect you to the right person who can assist you with your plans.

Board Committees

The Board of Trustees recruits parents and community members to serve as trustees and at-large members of working committees.

Committees have a hand in such things as community outreach, event planning, building upgrades, and spearheading new initiatives.

If you would like to volunteer your time at the board level, please contact Teri Rutledge at teri@harborschool.org and she will put you in touch with the appropriate board member.

James is a Paramedic for King County Medic One and a parent to two children, one of whom, attends Kindergarten at Harbor School.

Board of Trustees

Harbor School is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Trustees which hires a Head of School to serve as the school’s Chief Executive Officer.

The role of the Board of Trustees involves strategic planning, financial oversight, setting broad school policy, and managing the Head of School.

Members of the Board volunteer their time to provide stewardship for Harbor School. This commitment represents a significant and hugely important contribution to the future of our school.

Trustees are carefully selected based on the needs of the Board and the school as well as an individual’s commitment to the school’s mission, cornerstone values, and willingness to serve.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Board of Trustees, please contact Teri Rutledge, Head of School, at teri@harborschool.org.

Vice President

Larissa is the Assistant Director of Operations at Open Space for Arts and Community and the parent of two Harbor
School students.

Jean-David Larson


Jean-David is the chief operating officer and general counsel of Pugh Capital Management. Jean-David is the father of two girls at Harbor School and has lived on the island since 2013.

Megan is the President of Folkestad Public Affairs. Megan is the mother of two girls, one of whom, attends 1st grade at Harbor School.

Natalie Abel

Natalie is a learning support specialist at an independent school with a background in Special Education. She is also a Harbor School alumni, Class of 2001.

Cary Bran

Cary is a Harbor School parent alum, technologist and avid mountain biker.


Jasmine Grace

Jeremy Stubbs

Jeremy is the Director of the Upper School for Boys at Annie Wright Schools in Tacoma, WA. He attended a private school from pre-K through 12th grade and has worked in independent schools for 16 years.

Jaffrey Clark

Jaffrey is a talented educator and taught for 8 years in the Carpe Diem Primary division of the Harbor School. He is also an alumni of the Harbor School, class of 2001.


Teri Rutledge
Head of School

Harbor School Board of Trustees

If you would like to volunteer your time at the board level, please contact Teri Rutledge at teri@harborschool.org and she will put you in touch with the appropriate board member.


James Kellogg

Larissa Webb

Megan Folkestad