2017-18 Faculty Team

Harbor School is pleased to announce an exciting faculty transition: Upper Elementary teacher Erin Blaser will be joining the teaching team in our K-3 primary program at Carpe Diem, and Joleen McCauley,  K-3 teacher, will be moving into Harbor School's Upper Elementary program.

Since 2011, Erin has taught Upper Elementary at Harbor School. She brings with her years of teaching experience and displays an amazing commitment to her students as well as a deep love of learning outside the classroom. Her passion and energy will bring a new dimension to the Carpe Diem experience, as well as compliment the work that teachers Andrea and Jaffrey continue to do so well.

Joleen has been part of the Carpe Diem teaching staff since 2015 when Harbor School and Carpe Diem united as one school, becoming the island's first independent K-8 program. Prior to her work at Carpe Diem, Joleen taught 6th grade at McMurray as well as the multi-age program at Chautauqua. Joleen’s fresh perspective and energy will help us continue to develop our Upper Elementary program in a way that springboards seamlessly from the Carpe Diem experience. Likewise, Erin’s knowledge of Harbor School expectations will be invaluable at Carpe Diem.

This change in staffing provides us with an exciting opportunity to further build social and educational bridges, strengthening our efforts to create a coherent and continuous curriculum and learning experience for students across all grades at Harbor School.